Yay, bloodbath on the markets again

It’s all red on the screen again. Now one jittery near-death experience could be called careless, but two is a conspiracy. This ship is going down 🙂 There are only two stocks in my ISA which are in the black, MRCH because I bought it damn cheap last year and it’s still got about 7% to fall before it’s below the waterline, and TSCO who are about to fall into negative territory for me.

So what’s a chap to do, eh. Could sell everything and get into gold and the Swissie I suppose. Unlike the more cheerful among us, I expect a depression for the Great British Public, though not necessarily for companies, who seem to be increasingly decoupling themselves from the state of the nation. So it looks like the Autumn Sale is back on, in spades.

I still have some space in my ISA, but would have to break into a savings account to load it up. And since I’ve already bought last week (most of which has bombed slightly) I might as well wait until I get paid before hitting the market again, as I want to spread myself out to after October with purchases.

However, what I do want to do this time is attend to the diversification/asset allocation

August asset allocation

I’m heavy in finacials and pharma, which isn’t surprising as I have gone for the two representative companies from each of those sectors which is my target – with the other sectors I’ve either only got one company or nothing at all.

I could do with upscaling utilities. An oil company or two wouldn’t go amiss, I will start with RDSB but not just yet. Something like ULVR would be nice, but they’re too dear at the mo and the yield isn’t up to much either. Utilities such as the HY favourites SSE could join NG. The contents of the two ITs give me some exposure to the sectors I’m missing, and fortunately both are weak in financials.

Something else that is puzzling is what the hell has happened to emerging markets? I used to have a Brazilian ETF but sold it a while ago, it’s now down 16% on what I sold it for. L&G Global emerging markets fund which I’m buying in small bits over the months is down 13% since last month. Emerging markets are meant to the the new dawn, a bulwark against the torrent of bad debt swilling out of the burned-out West. At the moment these guys are drowning even faster that the rest of my ISA, which tends to be heavy on FTSE100 firms.

So here’s to the bloodbath continuing, at least till I have some more money to lob into the great sucking force swilling around the plughole. It is always hard. at times like that to remember that the sturm und drang does eventually quieten down. Those emerging markets boys had better get their act together though, I think it’s going to be a long hard slog for the West to crawl out from the wreckage…