the afternoon fog makes everything look luminous and lovely

The fog is getting some stick for the inconvenience, but as I wandered in the Suffolk countryside it struck me that it created a really fantastic quality to the late afternoon light. It made everything look really luminous and dreamy. Britain really is a beautiful place at times.




17 thoughts on “the afternoon fog makes everything look luminous and lovely”

  1. I agree – I’m in nearby East Cambridgeshire and the fog was utterly beautiful when I drove through Ely – imagine the glory of the cathedral shrouded in fog – simply amazing and then it opens up to the surrounding fens… what a beautiful sight.


  2. It started rolling back in across Sheffield a few hours ago before it started getting dark. Really quite eerie when you are used to seeing miles of city out in front of you and now can’t see the other side of the street. It certainly is stunning though.


  3. Sometimes it’s good (and with apologies to Weenie ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) to remember what the point of all this retire early malarkey is. The sounds were great too – the still air and the fog dampened distant sounds, and brought the close fussing of the blackbirds and a feeding flock of what sounded like dunnocks into focus. magical, and that luminous light – must’ve been amazing at Ely!


  4. What fog? It disappeared here in Ramsgate by mid morning giving way to glorious sunshine and amazing temperatures. We’re having an Autumn break and had decided not to brave the airports looking for late sunshine, but stay in the UK and brave the elements instead. Yesterday (and Sat too) we could have been in Cyprus.

    (I agree, lovely pics).


  5. Quite agree – Britain offers up some fantastic scenery on a regular basis – just look at some of the photos people send in to the BBC weather site.

    I wish I’d had my camera with me one day early last year. It was about 8am one nice crisp morning in March and I was heading off up the front of Blencathra. About half way up I looked back towards Keswick and could just about see the town. The sky above was already a beautiful cloudless blue that promised a great day’s walking ahead. In between was this fantastic hanging mist that meant the peaks of other fells poked out above a sort of cotton wool blanket.

    Like I say, I really wish I hadn’t done a spot of over-zealous weight saving that morning before setting off ๐Ÿ™‚

    This time of year, I find the changing colours of the trees a terrific sight, and certainly much better appreciated whilst on foot – it’s amazing how even being in a car as a passenger means you miss so much.

    I really enjoyed the recent four-parter “The Great British Year” – those guys got some amazing footage !


  6. I enjoyed the misty scenes in the Peak District at the weekend. There was a fab sunset on the Sunday evening which was just too good to miss as I watched the warm glow as the sun sink below the horizon with layers of low lying mist across the fields.


  7. Due to the freedom of “slightly” Early Retirement, I happened to find myself in a dark, deserted cathedral city centre on a foggy wet Monday evening this week.
    The steep narrow cobbled streets were spooky and the old fashioned street lamps were decorated with glistening and sparkling cobwebs. Walking up the hill, I passed the piece of Roman wall and thought about people on similar nights long ago trudging up from the supply town to the Roman hilltop fort.
    I was looking for the tall towers of the cathedral built by William the Conqueror.
    Eventually it appeared out of the fog.

    Good point about the use of this early retirement thing we do – to be able to give more brain space to what matters to us. It would have been nice (but unlikely) to be able to make a living in areas that interest me, so I’m glad I made the move out when I did.


  8. Yes, Britain is very beautiful. As soon as we arrived in Cambridge for our year-long stay, we got memberships to National Trust and English Heritage and spent the year visiting as many sites as we could–and others as well, of course. We always enjoyed seeing families setting out blankets and relaxing on the lawns of these beautiful places. We plan more such leisure activities when we retire early (hopefully).


  9. London was atmospheric and lovely in the fog – particularly down by the Thames. I kept expecting the Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town to hove into view… (you have to be of a certain age and taste to remember that ๐Ÿ˜‰ )



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