Now that the jet stream has moved to its customary position

Isn’t in nice to have some sunshine back in Blighty 🙂 Seems like the jet stream has been AWOL from its usual position, bringing us loads of rain and the US a drought in some parts. It seems to have returned to its usual position for the moment. No doubt we’ll be grizzling about having to irrigate before long, but it was time to seize the moment

Orford castle

The main car park near Orford quay gets well crowded but the castle grounds further back into the village are big enough to avoid getting overrun. English Heritage charge for entrance to the castle but not the grounds. The grounds are a pretty good place to laze and have a picnic, and close enough to Richardson’s smokehouse and Pinney’s shop on the quay. Pinney’s apparently have their own oysterbeds and DW tells me oysters are apparently really good value, though I can’t abide them myself 😉

Pinney’s shop on Orford Quay

It sounded like there were a fair few Londoners escaping the Smoke and the Olympics prep this weekend. Orford’s well set up for weekend visitors – I was tickled by the incitement to bend the parking regulations at the Crown and Castle

Invitation to tweak the tail of the nonexistent traffic wardens here at the Crown and Castle pub

I haven’t seen any traffic wardens either, but I’d be hesitant to generalise that there aren’t any at all. Maybe the landlord knows mroe baout the council spending cuts than I’m aware of. Either way, I admire his chutzpah in getting a sign all painted up professionally, it’s a state of affairs he anticipates staying for a long time.

Orford castle from the seawall



5 thoughts on “Now that the jet stream has moved to its customary position”

  1. How lucky are you! It’s still raining here in Kendal. Yes,I know the lakes are famous or infamous for it – but still……..
    On the good side- I still wake up on a Monday morning and relish not having to get up for work and that’s after 5 years ‘early retirement’.
    I have just found your blog and enjoying it immensely.
    One question for you though- when you told friends and acquaintances you were retiring early, what was the common reaction from them?
    I was really quite taken aback at some of the responses I got!
    Enjoy the sun – please send some up here 🙂


  2. Good to see you out and about enjoying the sunshine! And an immense relief to hear that the Gulf Stream has finally got its act together for a while. I was beginning to think that these islands have only two seasons; warmish monsoon, and chilly monsoon.


  3. Glad you had a nice day in Orford. I remember the place from about 20 years ago. I recall that shoreline changes over the centuries have created an interesting topography.

    For me, the nice weather means a spell of exterior painting. Hopefully, this won’t be the last of the summer.


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