LOLcat lulz in your LOLs Dave

Hi Bex, LOL DC, dnt tl Sam...

The Ermine doesn’t expect politicians to speak the truth all the time, but it’s kinda nice to feel they know what it looks like even if they don’t call it 🙂 I like competence in them, even if they are doing back-handed deals with the Digger’s army. It doesn’t tremendously trouble me that David Cameron was sending ‘lots of love’ to flame-haired wingpeople of the Murdoch clan. What does trouble me is despite the finest education money can buy and all the flunkies around him our Dave was unaware that LOL doesn’t mean ‘lots of love’ to anybody else.

I even looked it up, to see it it has picked up that alternative meaning in txt spk. No, it still appears to have the same meaning as it did when I first saw it, on Usenet or CompuServe twenty years ago, in 1992. Looks like there’s lulz in your LOLs, Dave. So here’s a LOLcat, just for you.

In itself it’s no big deal, but it does make you wonder about David Cameron’s situational awareness. BTW Dave, there’s a shitstorm brewing in the Eurozone, and it’s coming our way. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, LOL


5 thoughts on “LOLcat lulz in your LOLs Dave”

  1. @ermine Re : Euro Contagion. Check out Frontline series on about the Meltdown on Wall Street. You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet !


  2. @ermine I watch online. I’m overseas and had no problem. Some programmes are difficult but not Frontline. I hope you see it, it will answer a lot of questions for you. Educational TV: can’t beat it!


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