There is no brighter future ahead

The Archdruid Report considers this a key prognosis, one that goes against the spirit of our times. We expect tomorrow to be better than today, to be better off than our parents’ generation.

His phrase is based largely on what the material world will be like, as a peak-oiler with a view that the basics of life such as food will be scarce. There is a point that previous generations did not have the same expectations that we have of a better future – their better future was often projected into the afterlife. Human beings need hope, even if mythical.

The Archdruid report is trumped in succinctness, however by David Bloom of HSBC’s currency desk.

If we have a US slowdown with a fresh financial crisis, everybody is going to want to buy the Swiss franc, along with bottled water, tin hats, and a shotgun,”

Now how do I go long on tin hats, I wonder 🙂 Give me CHF now, dammit forget now, yesterday is too late…


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