Blackbird in Hyde Park and a great view of the Serpentine

Had a bit of work to do in Park Lane and some time to kill before the meeting, so I crossed into Hyde Park. It’s been sharpened up somewhat since I last spent some time there, and the edge of the congestion charge has made the traffic on Hyde Park corner truly stupendous. As a student I’d cycle round that occasionally, despite it being basically a six-lane roundabout. I’m not hard enough to even think about it now.

It’s amazing how quickly the racket falls away with distance, and by an old tree this blackbird was making himself heard above the roar of the city. It was a good breath of the natural world; London is blessed with many parks for its size, spread across the city.

One of the benefits of the assignment was that the view across Hyde Park from the survey location was pretty good!

View over the Serpentine from Hyde Park corner