trying it on with the car insurance company after they tried it on with me

It’s one of the sad facts of modern life that companies fight like cats in a sack to win new business, then treat existing customers like crap.  So you have to keep on chopping and changing.

The AA tried this on with me, car insurance goes up from £220 to £300. Necky so-and-sos, so I ring them up and tell them they have to do better. The first customer service droid hemms and haws and gets it down to £250, but with strings attached like having to join the AA for an extra £26. I don’t want extra breakdown insurance, so I tell him to try again, maybe see if third party fire and theft is better.

That was to prove their undoing, as he comes back saying that third party is more expensive. This tells me two things – one is that they are lying sacks, as there is no earthly reason why covering less risk should cost more. And that they are overpriced too 🙂

So I tell him I’ll walk, and now I get all sorts of stuff about the retention team, and can I tell them what I’ve been quoted. I figure that last year’s price isn’t so bad, I haven’t had any accidents, so why should it change?

Well blow me down with a feather – the retention team quote me £213 for exactly the same insurance. Next time I must remember to take a debit not credit card as I get soaked 1.5% extra for the privilege of using a credit card, but the total is still a tad less than last year.

So the AA may be a comparative site for new custom, but they were prepared to try it on and overcharge me £80. Well, two can play at that game. Next year I’ll see if I can get them below £210 fully comp. £80 isn’t bad for half an hour’s work.