Isn’t it quiet without aircraft noise today

My, isn’t it lovely and quiet in the countryside without the infernal ever-present noise of jet engines.

A cloud of volcanic ash is drifting over Europe from Iceland and has turned Britain into a no-fly zone. Can we have this every weekend, please?

I’m sorry for everyone who is being incovenienced. That’s why I’d like no-fly to be scheduled for every weekend 😉

That way nobody’s plans get changed at the last minute but we get our peace and quiet back.

Each aircraft carries 500 passengers but the noise takes away a little bit from the quality of life of millions of people.

Thank you Eyjafjallajökull

As a public service here’s some aircraft noise if you feel in the need of a fix …

[audio:|titles=Aircraft noise at LHR residential area]

As an added bonus we ought to be getting some great sunsets, unscarred by vapour trails. Clouds weren’t right today for that here.